1999-2003: High School Years

I drew A LOT in high school. I probably lost most of what I did back then. What I still have I’ve put up here. There aren’t any dates on anything, I just know these were all done some time during high school.

I also drew on just about anything. Below you’ll find drawings done in lined, spiral bound notebooks mixed in with actual sketchbook drawings. I’m kind of an art materials whore.


When I was in High School the X-Men movie was absolutely HUGE.

Think about it.

There was no Spider-Man. To a lesser extent there was no Amazing Spider-Man.

There were no Avengers.

There wasn’t even a Daredevil.

X-Men was going to be it. It promised to launch an era of seeing our favorite comic book heroes on the big screen. All of my friends were super geeked on the idea.

Me? I did what any good nerd would do. I drew a bunch of concept sketches for the upcoming movie.


Skraith is a character that was actually created by a friend of mine. We collaborated on a lot of artwork in high school. He moved on to more professional artistic pursuits, so I promptly annexed Skraith and built an entire world of characters around him. I don’t remember most of their names but here they are.


These are the rest of the old sketches I could find. These all had individual stories behind them, but they don’t really have a running theme.