Flash Fiction: Revenge Reborn

Pirate Frigate

This week’s flash fiction challenge had a simple challenge: introduce a dead body in the first paragraph. (read the full challenge at terribleminds.com)

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Flash Fiction: God’s Own Expanse

Lake Michigan at Grand Haven

Flash fiction is back, after a brief respite. Apparently some glitch over at terribleminds stopped it from being posted last week.

That’s a shame, because this one was a doozie.

The challenge: a random title.

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Flash Fiction: Outcasts

The Crow - Ashley Foreman

The Crow – Ashley Foreman

This flash fiction challenge was a type of writing prompt I’ve never attempted before. You can see the challenge post at terribleminds.com.

The challenge was 1,000 words on a random photo from Flickr’s weekly interesting photos.

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Inner Workings: Updating The Gallery

Clockwork Gears

I wanted to take my normal update post spot this week to point out that the gallery page has been updated. I dumped the Flickr gallery and put all the artwork into a local, WordPress gallery.

Much more gooder.

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Flash Fiction: School’s Out

Dodge Challenger

Another flash fiction entry from terribleminds.com.

This challenge, in honor of Mad Max: Fury Road, was to write a 2,000 word story featuring a car chase.

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