Hello. My name is Brad, and I’m boring.

I have a Master of Science in Engineering from a good engineering school. I have a job that I love, that pays well. I have a loving wife and a beautiful daughter. We live in a cute little house in a cute little town.

And it’s not enough…

Recently I’ve been having a bit of an existential crisis. I’ve been reading A LOT of motivational books and blogs lately. The conclusion I’m coming to is that I can be better.

See, I have a history of quitting things that I start. I start A LOT of things, they don’t go where I think they should, so I ditch them and move on to something new.

I want this site to be my impetus for change. I’m making you my accountabilibuddy.

And there’s a lot for me to be held accountable for:

I’m quitting smoking.

I’m losing weight.

I’m starting an online business.

I’m writing a novel.

I’m working on things that I thought were impossible. I’m working on doing the things I want to do to live a life that I want to live.

I’m just starting out. I may get my ass kicked.

All I know is I’m ready for the experience.

So keep reading, and let’s see what happens.

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